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What is the Active Parenting 4th Ed. - Digital Format?

Active Parenting 4th Edition (AP4) is a comprehensive parenting curriculum for parents of children ages 5 to 12. (Click here for a complete description of how the AP4 program works, including a session outline and sample video.) AP4 is available in a traditional paper format with DVDs or PowerPoint with video. And now, it is also available in a completely digital format. The video, the Leader's Guide, the Parent's Guide, PowerPoint, certificate, posters, and more—all are available online or through a mobile app.

To make it even more convenient, the AP4 Digital Edition is available for purchase or rental. Here's the pricing:


What do I get with my Active Parenting program in Digital Format?

The digital program kit comes with almost everything you'd get in the standard kit—plus a few exclusive bonus
items, such as:

  • a special Interactive Leader's Guide containing video and slides for self-study
  • PowerPoint with Video
  • Printable Certificate of Completion
  • Printable promo flyers

The Parent's Guides ebooks, Leader's Guide, and PowerPoint without video are also sold separately in digital format. See the chart below:

Above: Sample page from Interactive Leader's Guide

What can I do with these files?
Take notes, add bookmarks, search for key words—these are just a few of the helpful things you can do with a digital edition.