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Active Parenting 4th Edition - Families

Meet the families of
Active Parenting 4th Edition

A hallmark of Active Parenting programs is the warm and humorous video vignettes, used to illustrate common parenting problems—and solutions. Each session contains plenty of video to bring key points to life. Your Active Parenting 4th Edition program kit contains 170 minutes of video. The fictional families portrayed in the video are:


The Moores—Jeffrey and Amanda and their two children, Kayla, 6, and Jordan, 8.



The Alvarez family—Andrea and her two children, Lucas, 9, and Sofia, 6. Andrea's mother, Martina, lives with them as well.



The Chandlers—Chris and Laura, a blended family. Daniel is from Laura's previous marriage, and he's 10 years old. Their 5-year-old, Nicholas, came later.


And finally, Mei Han and her daughter Isabel, who is 7.


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Program Kit

All you need for a complete
video-and-discussion program.

Video Library

A series of 6 DVDs for your
library or resource center.
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Lunch & Learn

Makes it easy to offer a series
of 6 very short parenting classes.