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Active Parenting Now in 3: a short program
for parents of children ages 5 to 12

Active Parenting Now in 3 is an older (2002) version of the Active Parenting program. It has been replaced by Active Parenting 4th Edition. Check out the new program by clicking here.







"The depth and range of Active Parenting Now in 3 is impressive. It's a complete, comprehensive curriculum put together by people who have long experience in these areas. Leaders and trainers are given all the tools they need to work successfully with parents who wish to make their children's lives more successful and in the process build stronger, happier families. Highly recommended."
-Marilyn von Qualen, SocialLearning.com

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This program kit is no longer available. Check out the new edition by clicking here.

Supplemental materials for Active Parenting Now in 3 will be sold while supplies last.

  Supplemental Materials
Parent guides, certificates, PowerPoint, promo flyers and more

Previous edition filmed in Spanish