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What are the Technical Requirements for the Active Parenting Online Parenting Programs?

The computer you use to access the online parenting materials on the Internet should have the following:

  • A computer with sound (speakers or headphones)
  • Internet access
  • One of the following web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome.
  • Application for receiving and sending email
  • Printer (if you need to print the certificate of completion)

Note: The Active Parenting classes are not currently available for mobile devices.

A note about firewalls:
Some firewalls (devices used by many private organizations for extra security, such as access from a corporation or other information-sensitive organization) will cause certain aspects of the course to be inaccessible. If you access the Internet from behind a firewall, it is best to check with your network administrator about compatibility. The optional live chat requires access to Port 6667.

Technical requirements for ebooks
Each online class comes with a hard copy of the Parent's Guide. For Active Parenting 4th Ed., there is also an ebook option.

The ebook can be viewed over the Internet. It can also be viewed through the PagePortal app on mobile devices using the Android or iOS platforms. The ebook does not work on Kindle or Fire. Use of the ebook is limited to three (3) devices. For more information about the free PagePortal mobile app, click go to our Mobile App Page.


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