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It's time to get the word out! Good news doesn't always travel fast...sometimes we have to give it a big push. The families that you serve will be excited to hear about these Online Groups, so it's important to reach each and every one of them.

The more you promote, the better your results. Mentioning it just once is never enough.

When it comes to publicity, one method is never enough. And one notification is never enough, either! So pick a few methods and schedule several attempts. It takes a while for a message to sink in, so make a commitment to publicize heavily for a few months.

The good news is once your new offer takes hold, word of mouth will go a long way to sustaining it.

Use these free promotional tools to spread the word about your new service.

Here are some readymade resources that are easy to customize for your own publicity efforts.


Create a Registration Web Page - click to find a web page template explaining the online classes to parents. Feel free to use this text, graphics, and formatting to promote your own Active Parenting Online Groups. Be sure to customize the text to fit your situation!

<-Social media: if your organization has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, or other social media, use the Online Groups button as a status update/tweet/announcement. Right-click and "save as" the button at left and put it on your page. Link it to your Registration Web Page with details about your Online Groups offer. Click for a screen shot of a Facebook example.

Banners for your organization's web page - click to find some banners in all sizes suitable for your home page or e-news.

Graphics for creating your own materials - click for some low-resolution logos suitable for web pages


Email to parents/Flyer - click to download a flyer in Word that you can email, or create your own using the graphics mentioned above .

  1. Save this document to your computer
  2. Customize the text, add your logo, enter your contact info, etc.
  3. To send as an email, either copy and paste the contents into an email, or select File-->Send To-->Mail Recipient in Word.
  4. Be sure to test your email before sending.
  5. Use "Bcc" for the email addresses.

Press Release - if your organization serves a wide audience, you can get publicity through local news papers, magazines, and web sites.



(PDF) - click below to download a colorful flyer in PDF format. After opening, click on the "typewriter" icon to add your own details to the flyer in the box at the bottom. Print it out and then send it home with students; mail to your list; attach to a newsletter; hang on walls, doors, and bulletin boards. Got a waiting room, cafeteria, vending machine area? Be sure there's a stack of flyers available for the taking! (Note: we do not recommend sending this flyer as an attachment to an email because many people are afraid to open attachments. If you are sending an email, please see the "Email" tips above.)

Choose the flyer that suits your needs:

Letter to parents - click for a letter to send to parents, inviting them to try the APOG

Press release - If you are trying to reach parents in a large area, it might be helpful to get coverage in the local news. This may not appropriate if you can only serve a small segment of the overall population. Click for an announcement to send to local newspapers, news web sites, neighborhood forums, local parenting blogs, TV/radio stations, and so on. Many will offer some promotion to help out a local organization, and others may be interested in this novel method of parenting education.

Graphics for creating your own materials - click for some high-resolution logos suitable for print.