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Graphics to Use
Prefer to create your own materials? Here are some graphics to use to promote your Active Parenting Online Video library. Use low-resolution images for the Internet or email. Use high-resolution images for printed pieces.

High-resolution images for print
Use these high-resolution images for all printed publicity materials. Just click on the program name. Then right-click and Save Image As.

Low-resolution images for web
Use these low-resolution images for electronic publicity materials: web pages, email, etc. Just right-click on the logo and Save As:
Active Parenting Online Groups high-res logo
Active Parenting: First Five Years Online Groups high-res logo
Active Parenting 4th Ed. Online Groups high-res logo
Active Parenting of Teens Online Groups high-res logo
Crossroads of Parenting & Divorce Online Groups high-res logo
Christian Active Parenting Online Groups high-res logo

Example of a Facebook promotion of the OVL

If your organization has a presence on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, blogs, or other social media, use the web page you create as a status update/announcement. Or just post a simple notice about your Online Groups. Here is a screen shot of a Facebook announcement using the web page template.