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Parenting is the most important job you'll ever have. Here's some help!
Our organization is pleased to provide you with a series of online parenting classes from Active Parenting Publishers. Here you will find three complete parenting classes, all online. Each class is filled with insight, encouragement, and valuable information you can start using right away.

Three classes. Your choice.
Pick the group that is right for you:

  • Active Parenting: FIrst Five Years, for parents of children from birth to age 5 (four sessions)
  • Active Parenting, for parents of children ages 5-12 (six sessions)
  • Active Parenting of Teens (six sessions)
  • Crossroads of Parenting & Divorce
  • Christian Active Parenting (six sessions)

So much for so little...
The fee for each class is
$79.95, which grants access to the entire class for 3-8 weeks; a hard copy of the Parent's Guide to keep; access to the discussion forum; and a certificate upon successful completion of the class.

Here's how to start!
Questions? Ready to register? Just go to
(fill in your information).

These videos were produced by Active Parenting Publishers, the evidence-based leader in parenting education for 30+ years.
Learn more at www.activeparenting.com.