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Art Project Gallery
Grace Hmong Alliance Church

A group of about 20 Hmong teenagers attended after-school art classes conducted by Community Arts Consultants with funding from Safe & Sound. As a group the teens are very artistic.

They sanded, primed and prepared pre-made wooden benches, and then painted them in a contemporary way using traditional Hmong designs.

The triangles represent mountains. A wavy line represents a river. The swirl design is often referred to as an elephant footprint.

The teens, with the help of three Milwaukee artists and their facilitator Fue Yang, used traditional Hmong patterns on the frame for a large canvas mural that is a modern representation of traditional Hmong storycloths that are created with bright colors and fine stitchery.

The mural depicts the history of the Hmong people as they left China to Vietnam, then Thailand where they were forced to live in refugee camps.

Eventually the Hmong immigrated to the United States. The teens show in the mural how they live in Milwaukee today, as well as their vision of themselves, and future generations as they immigrate to colonies in space.