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Broadcast Active Parenting

  Broadcasting your own Active Parenting program is easy. Pricing depends on the number of viewers in the broadcast market (see below). If you need a format other than DVD, please contact us.

Parents who see your broadcast will feel energized to learn more Active Parenting skills, so we recommend scheduling a "live" parenting class in your community to begin shortly after the broadcast date. Publicize it during the broadcast by providing the dates, location, and contact information.

When you order the broadcast rights you become eligible to receive a 50% discount on one Active Parenting Program Kit of your choice. You may choose between the discussion format (which includes a Leaders Guide, Parents Guide, DVDs and promotional materials) OR the Video Library format. The discussion format is designed to be used in a group setting and the Video Library format is often used in a resource library.

Series available for broadcast are:




Market Size & Broadcast Cost for Series

Extra Small (under 50,000) - $400

Small (50,001 to 100,000) - $800

Medium (100,001 to 300,000) - $1,200

Large (over 300,001) - please contact APP for pricing

If you choose to broadcast the same program within 12 months of the first broadcast, your subsequent broadcasts are at half the price of the original. (The program kit discount does not apply to half-price broadcasts.)






For more information, please download the agreement, call 800-825-0060 x116, or send an email to our Broadcast Active Parenting coordinator.

When you are ready to order your Broadcast Active Parenting videos, just download the agreement, sign and send it to Active Parenting.
To access the agreement, click the title above. The document will open on your screen.

Note: If the document does not open, you may not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your machine. Click here to download it free of charge.