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Padres Cooperando en Medio de un Divorcio - Leader's Guide

The step-by-step Leader's Guide
takes the worries out of leading a class

The Padres Cooperando en Medio de un Divorcio Leader's Guide (216 pp.) will take you step by step through the program and makes it easy to lead a group. Written in English, the Guide will tell you when to play the video, when to start an activity, even what to write on the board! It also provides questions for starting and guiding fruitful discussions among parents.

Thanks to the detailed Leader's Guide, no training is required to run a Padres Cooperando en Medio de un Divorcio class. Training is, however, available for in-depth exploration of the program, presentation skills-building, and divorce education in general. Our workshop trainers are experienced Active Parenting leaders. Click for more information about Leader Training Workshops.

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Program Kit in Spanish
All you need for a complete 8-session video-and-discussion program. in Spanish.

Supplementary Materials
Parent's Guides, certificates, etc.

Program Kit in English