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Connecting with Kids - overview
Character Education Videos for Children, Teens and Parents

The Connecting with Kids videos explore a variety of issues important to parents, children and teens. Produced by the award-winning CWK Network, Inc., each video is presented in a fast-moving documentary style that packs in a lot of information while keeping the viewer's attention.

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Connecting with Kids: videos for elementary school

Each video contains 3 distinct segments featuring real kids whose real stories address a different topic of character education. Suitable for grades 3-5. A 19-page Lesson Plan (on CD or downloadable) contains discussion points, activities, a glossary and more. Videos are 19-21 min. each.

Videos in the series: (click on titles for more details or to order)
#5201 Perseverance/Responsibility/Tolerance

#5202 Helpfulness/Kindness/Loyalty

#5203 Courage/Diligence/Caring

#5204 Self-Control/Fairness/Togetherness

#5205 Honesty/Freedom/Courtesy

#5206 Generosity/Trustworthiness/Cooperation

#5200 Set of all 6 videos, with Lesson Plans on CD

"An excellent teaching tool that presents crucial life lessons in a creative, practical way..."
-Video Librarian magazine

Connecting with Kids: videos for parents and kids

These videos feature real teens talking about their experiences with the critical issues of the day. Produced by a former TV reporter, they are fast-paced and packed with information and indelible images. These videos are economical, too: use the same video for students and for parents!

Each comes with Lesson Plans on CD (or downloadable) for middle and high school students, including discussion questions and a reproducible tips sheet for the parents.

Lesson Plans are in English. Spanish editions of the videos are dubbed. Videos are approximately 22 minutes each.

Videos in the series: (click on titles for more details or to order)

Bright Kids, Bad Grades
Coping with learning disabilities.
#5281 English or #5281SP Spanish

Shattered: Drunk Driving
Hear from the driver, witnesses, and the victim's family.
#5283 English or #5283SP Spanish

Just Once: Meth Abuse
Health risks and behavior dangers of methamphetamines.
#5284 English or #5284SP Spanish

Good Kids, Bad Choices
Minimizing the risks of adolescence, including drinking, drugs, and sex.
#5282 English

A Violent Age
Effects of teenage violence (robbery, road rage, bullying) on both victim and perpetrator.
#5287 English or #5287SP Spanish

Silent Witness
The power of bystanders to stop and prevent bullying.
#5286 English

Sticks and Stones: Verbal Harassment
Name-calling, gossip, e-mail, and exclusion
#5288 English or #5288SP Spanish

Prescription for Trouble
The dangers of prescription drugs.
#5285 English

Set of all videos, with Lesson Plans on CD
#5289 English set of 8 or #5289SP Spanish set of 5