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Discover the convenience of leading parenting classes with the new Digital Editions!

Active Parenting published the first video-based parenting education course in 1983. Back then, the exciting new technology was something called "videotape." (Remember that?)

Now, 30+ years later, videotape is long gone. It's 2018 and we have an even better new option: digital!

The Active Parenting 4th Edition program is now available in a digital format similar to an ebook. With the Digital Edition, you will have the entire Active Parenting curriculum in the palm of your hand—on your tablet, phone, or laptop.

With the digital edition, you will:

  • make notes in your Leader's Guide ebook.
  • show the PowerPoint including video without having to carry fragile DVDs.
  • provide Parent's Guide ebooks for busy parents to read on the run
  • print certificates for parents at the end of class.
  • All of this, plus you'll have the popular, proven-effective Active Parenting curriculum beloved by parents and educators alike

How's that for modern-day convenience?

Active Parenting Publishers: still your top source for cutting-edge parenting education.

Available to buy or to rent!

We know budgets can get tight. Therefore we have made it possible to rent the Active Parenting 4th Edition (AP4) digital program for a period of 3 or 6 months. The system will even save your notes if you decide to rent it again in the future.

Works on laptops, Apple, and Android devices

The digital format is now available for our flagship program, Active Parenting 4th Edition. It will work on a laptop with the Internet, or with mobile *devices using the iOS or Android platforms.

Your digital edition will include the same books and videos as the program kit, plus a couple of exclusive bonus items. See the AP4 Digital Edition page for a complete list of what's included.

*To test your device for compatibility, go to the device's App Store and search for "PagePortal" app. If it's there, your device is compatible. See this page for more details about the free app.

Here's what's available digital:
Program kit - rent or buy Leader's Guide ebook Parent's Guide/Workbook ebooks PowerPoint