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Frequently asked questions about the Digital Editions of Active Parenting program kits

Will this work on my device?

The digital editions will work on mobile devices using an Apple or Android operating system. Apple devices include iPhones and iPads. If you're not sure, go to your device's app store and search for the "PagePortal" app.

The digital editions will also work on computers or laptops via the Internet. You will be provided a list of links after placing your order. (Test your computer now with the Parent's Guide Ebook—the first chapter is free! Click here to get started.)

Will this work on my Kindle or Fire?
The digital editions will not work on Kindle, Fire, or Nook.

Can I really lead a class using only the digital format?
We recommend using two devices during class: one for your Leader's Guide, and one for the PowerPoint with Video that will be shown to the class. Depending on your situation, you may also need a projector and screen; or a TV and HDMI cable. Please test your equipment during the trial period.

What about the Parent's Guides?
Each participant in your class should have access to the Parent's Guide and the Parent's Workbook. These books are available in print or ebook format. If you are ordering for the whole class, you can get a combination of ebooks and paper books depending on what you need. We recommend asking about format preference during the pre-registration process so you'll have the books ready in time for Session 1. Ebook orders take 2 business days to process; paper book orders take approximately a week to arrive.

I don't want the whole program kit. Can I get just a book?
Yes. The standard Leader's Guide, Parent's Guides, and standard PowerPoint are all available as digital editions or ebooks. Click here to order individual books.

The videos take a long time to load. What can I do about that?
Open each video to download it to your device. It will replay much faster. Be sure to download each video before class begins.

If I download the video and then delete it from my device, can I download it again? Or will that count as another "device"?
You can download it as often as needed on up to three devices. Re-downloading does not count as a new device.
Will the digital edition work if I live outside the United States?

When I convert my trial to a subscription, will I lose my notes?
Not if you keep the same login information.

I already own the Active Parenting 4th Edition program kit. Can I upgrade?
Yes! Just contact Active Parenting at 800-825-0060 x1 or send an email to cservice@activeparenting.com.

I need more help. How do I contact Product Support?
If you can't find your answer from the FAQs above, please contact our Product Support team. Support is available during office hours (9-5 Eastern Time) at 1-800-825-0060 x138 or send an email to support@activeparenting.com at any time. Be sure to provide details about what device (computer, Apple, Android) you are using. We will respond as soon as possible.