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Reach more families by effectively promoting your class

In today's busy world, it takes more than simply scheduling a class to fill the room. You have to get the word out! But don't worry, we're here to help. Here are some handy free resources for marketing your classes.
Don't forget to add a free listing about your Families in Action classes on our web site!
Check out our How to Promote page, which includes the free online booklet: "How to Start and Promote a Parenting Education Group" (applies to teen classes, too).
On your web site, point families to these special pages just for them. You could also use these pages as e-mail.

Parent class participant info page
Teen class participant info page
Parent + Teen class participant info page
Here are downloadable flyers to customize and print (or e-mail). After downloading, click on the typewriter icon to enable editing.

Flyer for parent class
Flyer for teen class
Flyer for parent + teen class
Need a logo for your site or for e-mail? Right-click on the ones shown below, then save.

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 This program is available in 3 formats.
Click on the title for more information or to order.

Active Parenting of Teens: Families in Action Program Kit
All you need for a 3-in-1 program for parents and their teens/preteens.

Teens in Action Program Kit

All you need for a complete program for teens/preteens only.

Active Parenting of Teens

All you need for a complete program for parents only.
Already own one of these components? Contact us about an "upgrade" to the 3-in-1 kit.