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Families Talk About...Grandparents as Parents

Families Talk About…
Videos for parents and caregivers 

series created by James Sayre, MD; produced by Rose Films, Inc.
In these warm and inspirational videos, parents speak openly about their experiences. They describe how they relate to their children in ways that reflect kindness, love and consideration, even in the harshest of urban environments. A discussion guide is included with each video.

Families Talk About...Foster Parenting
In this video, experienced foster parents discuss why they decided to foster children, how they handle the challenges they face, and the rewards of helping children in crisis. Provides a good introduction to world of foster parents, including:

  • why they decided to become foster parents
  • what foster children need
  • how they deal with special problems a child might have
  • being the child's advocate
  • finding support from caseworkers, family, friends, and other foster parents
  • their relationship with the child's biological parents
  • coping when a foster child returns to his family

Video is 24 minutes long. Comes with discussion questions and public performance rights. Available in English or dubbed in Spanish.


Nicole and Steve, who have adopted three of their former foster children and currently foster two. They discuss how they deal with the anger often expressed by foster children. They also talk about the importance of being a strong advocate for their children.

William and Xanthe, who have six biological children and have fostered more than 20 over the years. They discuss building a positive relationship with the biological mother by reassuring her that her child is healthy and safe.

Melanie, the single mother of three biological children and four adopted former foster children. Melanie admits that not every foster relationship works out, and discusses calling the caseworker for help with a teen.

Susan and Peter, who have a biological child, an adopted child, and two foster children. They discuss the anxiety they felt when they first considered foster parenting