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Families Talk About...Marriage

Families Talk About…
Videos for parents and caregivers

series created by James Sayre, MD; produced by Rose Films, Inc.
In the Families Talk About... video series, parents speak openly about their experiences building their families. They describe how they relate to their children in ways that reflect kindness, love and consideration, even in the harshest of urban environments. Public performance rights and a discussion guide are included with each video.

Families Talk About...Marriage

In this video, men and women from different backgrounds speak about the importance of marriage to themselves and to their children. They discuss the benefits of their marriage, how they strengthen their relationship, how to handle conflict, and more. Discussion questions are included with the video. Comes with public performance rights. 19 minutes.


Precious and George, married 5 years. They have a daughter together and George also has children from a previous marriage. They acknowledge the fact that arguments happen in any marriage, and point out how they model positive conflict-resolution skills to their daughter.

Margarita and Eugene, married 32 years with one son. They discuss the importance of open communication and accepting each other's feelings. They also explain what they learned from rearing their son and how that has changed their approach with their grandchildren.

Barbara and Curtis, married 21 years with three children. "Grandma" also now lives with the family. Curtis (a retired Marine) and Barbara discuss the importance of working as a team to raise their children. Barbara fondly recalls romantic gestures Curtis has made over the years.
Marwan and Colleen, married 16 years with one son. They discuss how maintaining their individual interests and friends has strengthened their marriage over the years. They also talk about the need for trust in a relationship.

Part I: The Challenge of Marriage
Part II: Support Systems
Part III. Marriage and Children
Part IV: Marriage and Community
Part V. Keeping Marriage Strong

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