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Free the Horses - More Info

character education for children ages 5 to 9

by Michael H. Popkin, Ph.D., and Susan Greathead, M.Ed.

Free The Horses - A Character Education Adventure


Let the adventure begin!
If your students like Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia, they are going to love the newly updated Free the Horses program. Use this action-packed video story to teach children ages 5 to 9 to believe in themselves, their talents, and their dreams. In Free the Horses, Kelly sets out on a quest to free some wild horses from captivity. Along the way, she and the colorful friends she meets learn to handle problems in a positive and courageous way.

With the step-by-step Teacher's Guide, classes are easy to teach.
Free the Horses is divided into 11 video and discussion lessons, designed to last 30-45 minutes each, with 9 optional lessons for reinforcement of this character education series. The Teacher's Guide gives you detailed instructions on when to show the video and when to stop for discussion and class activities.

New look, new materials
Thanks to teacher suggestions, weve made these programs for parents even more effective with the addition of Kid's Character Packs. Give each student a Character Pack (a newly designed activity book + 12 stickers) to reinforce the important lessons during their character education.

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An action-packed story with valuable lessons
The story of the live-action video centers on the adventures of Kelly and her friends as they face a variety of problems that children face every day.

Kelly is overwhelmed by her responsibilities. Bright Knight feels like a failure. Ted Bear is from a dysfunctional family. Rabbit is picked on by a bully. These characters (played by children) learn to handle their problems positively and courageously, while developing character along the way.

Here's what your students will learn:

Part 1: The Lands of Think, Feel, Do

  • I can do it.
  • I can choose what I think.
  • I can choose my feelings.
  • I can do the right thing.
Part 2: The Golden Spiral of Success: Belonging, Learning and Contributing

  • I can be a friend.
  • I learn from my mistakes.
  • I have a lot to offer.

Part 3: The Keys of Courage, Responsibility and Cooperation

  • My fears won't stop me.
  • My choices matter.
  • None of us is as smart as all of us.
  • My dreams and talents are special.

Why a program on character education for children?
Children who develop responsibility, cooperation, courage and other traits of good character have fewer behavioral problems and more success when facing lifes challenges. There's even research to prove it!

Character education you can believe in!
Free The Horses is based on sound principles of cognitive behavioral psychology. Children learn to think positive thoughts and do the right thing as each lesson develops a single vital character trait such as courage, cooperation, responsibility and being a friend.

Use this program in many different settings
A 47-page Summer Camp Guide (included with the kit) will help you expand the uses of your Free the Horses program kit. Written by an elementary school counselor who used the program as the basis of an overnight camp, this guide is packed with activities that reinforce the skills taught in Free the Horses. Ideal for:

  • day camps
  • lock-ins
  • scouting
  • retreats
  • PE classes
  • youth group activities
  • after-school programs


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The Biblical & Theological Guide (sold separately) provides Scriptural references to be used in a faith setting.

Need proof?
Click here for research on the proven effectiveness of Free the Horses.

"If every second grader participated in Free the Horses, each of your campers would learn how belonging, learning, and contributing create success."

  -Camping Magazine

The Free the Horses program kit includes:

  • 2 DVDs (207 minutes total)
  • 1 Teacher’s Guide (272 pp.)
  • 20 Kid's Character Packs - containing 20 Activity Books (36 pp.) with certificates of completion and 20 Sets of Character Stickers (240 stickers total)
  • 1 Yes-Yes Hand Puppet
  • 1 Summer Camp Guide

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Program Kit
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Kid's Character Packs

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All other materials
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