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Optional PowerPoint makes it easier to lead a class—
and it's now available with embedded video!

Using a laptop? Use the excellent, optional PowerPoint Presentation along with your First Five Years program kit for a smoother-running class.

  • lively graphics help to keep the class's attention
  • showing a PowerPoint is easier for you than writing on the board
  • you can make changes or add new slides to customize your program. (You'll need PowerPoint on your computer to do this.)
  • parents will have a copy of the original slides in their Parent's Guide to make notes.

Choose the PowerPoint format that suits your technology best:

PowerPoint without video: provides 115 slides illustrating key points of the program. To play the video in class, you'll need to use the DVDs that come with your program kit. The PowerPoint without video comes with the DVD edition of the First Five Years standard program kit.

PowerPoint with Video: This option provides a seamless slide & video presentation and makes leading a class easier than ever. No need to switch from one device to another.

  • The PowerPoint with Video comes on a flash drive, so your laptop will need a USB port.
  • Your laptop will also need the PowerPoint software (not just the "viewer") in order to use this edition. If you can create or edit PowerPoints, you have what you need.
  • The video on PowerPoint is not captioned.
  • Click here for the complete system requirements.

Here's how it works:

To get the PowerPoint with Video, please order that edition of the program kit. Contact us about an upgrade if your kit contains DVDs.

Preview the program free for 30 days.

Active Parenting: First Five Years parenting program
is available in three convenient formats.

Choose the formats that work best for you! Click for more information or to order.

Parenting Program Kit

All you need for a comprehensive
video-and-discussion program.

Video Library

A series of 4 DVDs for your
resource center. Also available streaming.

Lunch & Learn

Makes it easy to offer a series
of 4 short parenting classes.