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"LEADER" Online: The Magazine for Helping Professionals

The following articles are from past issues of our newsletter. If you are not on our mailing list, complete the information on our information request page and you will receive a FREE subscription to the e-newsletter along with our Resource Guide.

Leader Online E-newsletter (past)

  1. Leader in action Carrie Little, Family & Children's Services in Tulsa
  2. Leader in action Soosi Day reflects on cross-cultural parent education in Hong Kong
  3. Leader in action Lisa DeSimon, Wicomico Partnership for Families & Children in Maryland
  4. Leader in action Nancy Spence, Active Parenting Publishers Consultant & Leader in Arizona
  5. Leader in action Geri Magee of Accountability Counseling Services in Washington state
  6. Leader in action Mirta Sanchez of I AM DAPS, LLC in Orlando, Florida
  7. Leader in action Anne Groh of The Mental Health Association in Atlantic County (MHAAC), New Jersey
  8. Leader in action Tina Shockey of COBYS Family Services in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Letters and articles by Dr. Popkin

  1. Dr. Popkin on the meaning of Success
  2. Dr. Popkin on the couch potato phenomenon
  3. Dr. Popkin asks, "Why is character so 'in' these days?"
  4. Has terrorism hit education, too?
  5. The future of parent education
  6. Yes, parents do matter
  7. On spanking: out of the monkey house

Behind the scenes at Active Parenting

  1. The Families Talk About... story
  2. Active Parenting for Jewish families
  3. Introducing Active Parenting Now in 3
Active Parenting in action
  1. A new approach: the Families in Action program is for parents and teens
  2. Iowa teens and parents learn secrets to happy home life with Families in Action
  3. Helping Louisiana teens get back on track with Families in Action
  4. NJ leader offers parenting-education-for-hire
  5. At The Home Depot, employees and employer benefit from parenting education
  6. Ohio Head Start Finds Success with Spanish Program
  7. Graduate Groups Keep Parents Coming Back
  8. The Home Depot uses Lunch & Learns to help parents
  9. Q&A with a superleader, Baltimore's Teresa Northrup
  10. Free the Horses with a Real Horse
  11. Arkansas DCFS implements statewide Active Parenting program
  12. Active Parenting Now for the faith community
  13. Using Active Parenting in an Indiana hospital
  14. Churches use AP to reach out to the whole community
  15. School success takes teamwork, says Successful Parenting's Barbara-Lynn Taylor
  16. California's Kenneth Lake makes a difference with parenting ed
  17. Superleader Joan Romeo brings parenting education to community college
  18. Single parents come in many ways, writes Successful Parenting author Barbara-Lynn Taylor
  19. Superleader Diane Lewis of Tennessee
  20. Virginia PTA offers movie matinees for parents
  21. Cincinnati parents strive for shalom bayit
  22. Florida leader uses Padres Activos de Hoy to teach parenting skills en EspaƱol
  23. Free the Horses camp offers challenges and fun
  24. Veteran leader Zandra Wilson of California adds personal touch
  25. Active Parenting enters the workplace
  1. Parenting from the Pen
  2. Taking Active Parenting to prison
  3. Parenting with a Spouse in Jail
  4. Florida leader helps incarcerated mothers look to the future

Tips for promoting your programs

  1. Promotional tips: targeting local media
  2. Publicity tip: community speaking engagements
  3. Marketing 101