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Reproducible Articles and Handouts by Michael Popkin

Free for Use in Your Publication

About Dr. Popkin

Reproducible Parenting Articles and Other Handouts

Dr. Michael H. Popkin, president and founder of Active Parenting Publishers, is the author of many parenting articles that have appeared in newspapers, magazines, and journals nationwide. We at Active Parenting would like to see as many parents benefit from Dr. Popkin's advice as possible. To that purpose, we offer the following articles, free for download and use in your publications.

The author grants permission to reprint or publish these articles for free, on a non-exclusive basis, provided that you include "About the Author" information wherever the article appears and heed the following restrictions:

  • The article may not be changed without the express permission of the author. If you wish to edit the article, e.g. for length, please send a request to cservice@activeparenting.com.
  • Do not post/reprint this article in any site or publication that contains hate, violence, porn, or supports illegal activity.
  • Do not use this article in violation of the US CAN-SPAM Act. If sent by email, this article must be delivered to opt-in subscribers only.
  • If you publish this article in a format that supports linking, please ensure that all URLs and email addresses are active links.
  • Please send a copy of the publication, or an email indicating the URL, to cservice@activeparenting.com

All articles © 2017 Active Parenting Publishers.  

Mini-posters, handouts
(Click on link to download a PDF file, or contact us for a hard copy.) 

- "Courage & Fear" mini-poster to inspire discussion with parents
- "You Are Welcome Here" poem for the first day of parenting class
- "How to Lead a Great Parenting Group" handout for your Leader Training Workshop
- "Active Parenting for Special-Needs Families" colorful handout

Articles for parents
(Click on link to download a PDF file, or contact us for a hard copy.) 

   - 8 Good Reasons Not to Spank
  - Active Parenting in Foster Families and Stepfamilies
  - One Potato, Two Potato . . .French Fries . . . Couch Potato?
  - Is It Time to Give Time Out a Time Out?
  - Helicopter Moms, Satellite Dads, and How to Really Help Your Child Do Well in School
- Taming the Spirited Child: Strategies for Parenting Challenging Children without Breaking Their Spirits
- Smoking: Is it Really Worth the Risk? (For teens and parents)
  - Tough Road for Parents of Teens in the Britney Era
- The Discipline Solution

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