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Sample Press Release

Publications are looking for news, and you have news you would like publicized. Time to send a press release. Make a list of all the newspapers (large and small), local news sites, neighborhood newslists, local bloggers, TV stations, magazines, parenting forums, and other news channels in your area. Find an appropriate email (or mail) address for each, and keep this list handy for future promotions.

Tips for success:

  • Email is easiest. Put your text in the body of the email, not as an attachment.
  • In the top corner include contact information including your name and phone number/email address.
  • The words “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” should be at the top of the release.
  • Write a headline summarizing your message and center it on the page.
  • The first, or lead, paragraph summarizes the basic facts—the who, what, when and where—of the program.
  • Additional paragraphs fill out the story and gain reader involvement by including biographical information about the leader.
  • The last paragraph should include a brief description of the sponsoring organization.
  • At the end of the news release center three of these symbols, ###, to indicate to the news editor that this is the end of the message.
  • Attach a relevant photo (e.g., of a parent viewing the videos in your resource center) if you have one.
  • Email the news release to the to the editor who handles parenting or education news at least two weeks before you would like it to appear.
  • A few days after sending your news release, make a follow-up telephone call to be sure that the editor has received it and offer to answer any questions he/she may have.


(If possible, put your organization's logo at the top. Modify this text with your own information.)


Media Contact: Jennifer Doe, 555-555-1234, jdoe@xyz.com

(Center and bold the headline:)
Mitchell Middle School offers help to area families with free parenting videos—online

JASPER, MI—Mitchell Middle School in midtown has made a series of free parenting advice videos available to all parents in the Jasper School District. The 68 videos, produced by Active Parenting Publishers, can be viewed online any time, day or night. A free access code can be acquired by contacting the school at 555-555-5555.

There are 68 videos in the Active Parenting Online Video Library, appropriate for all ages and stages of parenting. Each video is 15-30 minutes long and stresses nonviolent discipline techniques, active communication skills, and solving problems before it's too late.

(Use a quote when applicable:)
"We are excited about this opportunity to help the parents with their most important job," says Denise Meyers, principal of Mitchell Middle School. “The Active Parenting videos help parents learn how to raise children who are cooperative, responsible and able to resist peer pressure. They also provide advice for dealing with sensitive issues such as drugs, sexuality and violence.”

The Active Parenting Online Video Library project is coordinated by Janice Jones, the parent resource center director for Jasper School District. Ms. Jones has been

(Identifying paragraph of sender's organization:)
Mitchell Middle School is a United States School of Excellence, part of the Jasper County School District.

For more about Mitchell Middle and the Active Parenting Online Video Library, visit: www.MitchellSchool.edu/Videos.