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Parents today need help more than ever, and they look to YOU for advice. But with traffic, child care, work schedules and just plain exhaustion—parents are very hard to reach.

What if you could eliminate the obstacles?


You can, with the Active Parenting Online Video Library.

Using the Online Video Library (OVL), you can easily provide high-quality parenting videos for all ages and stages of childhood. Parents can watch these videos any time, anywhere: morning, noon or night. At work, at home, on a flight. On a laptop, on a tablet, on the phone...all they need is an Internet connection—and an access code from you.

And guess what? It won't take a lot of your time or budget! Just let parents know about the OVL (we'll show you how), and they can do the rest.

The OVL is the key to a worry-free, easy-to-manage parenting library!

  • Trustworthy: our evidence-based videos provide content you can trust to parents in their homes
  • Affordable: Pricing starts at just $5 per month for one series of videos
  • No hassle: we handle all technical details on our end
  • Fun: all you have to do is share the good news with your families (and we'll even help with that!)

Time-saving tools make it easy to get the word out
We will work with you to publicize this valuable new tool to all the parents you serve. We provide posters, email templates, flyers, a web page, and more. Click to see samples!

See for yourself!
Go to the More Info menu above for details and to tour the Online Video Library.

Child care is not a problem with
the Online Video Library. Parents can
access it any time, any place!

Note: Online Video Libraries are intended for home use only. Use of the Online Video Libraries requires a signed agreement. Ordering the OVL initiates the process but does not provide instant access.