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Meet the families of
Padres Activos de Hoy

A hallmark of Active Parenting programs is the warm and humorous video vignettes, used to illustrate common parenting problems—and solutions. Each session contains plenty of video to bring key points to life. Your Padres Activos de Hoy program kit contains 80 minutes of video filmed in Spanish. (The video library is taken from a different program kit and is dubbed.)

Note: This program was revised and updated in 2014 under the new title Paternidad Activa 4a edición. Video in the new edition is dubbed in Spanish. Books, certificates, and other materials for the 1999 edition, Padres Activos de Hoy, will be available while supplies last.

 This program is available in 2 formats.
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 Padres Activos de Hoy Program Kit
Filmed in Spanish! All you need for a complete video-and-discussion program.

Padres Activos Ahora Video Library
Dubbed in Spanish. A series of 6 videos or DVDs for your library or resource center.