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Teens in Action - More Info

Teens in Action - a program for teens and preteens

Their future is not a matter of chance—it's a matter of choice
Teens in Action is a high-energy, video-based program for ages 11-16. Developed over a period of five years and revamped in 2012, the program teaches important communication skills while helping teens understand the dangers of risky behavior, such as alcohol and drug abuse.

Addresses issues important to today's teens
Teens may act like they know it all, but they are full of questions and are eager to learn how to succeed in the adult world. Teens in Action is a fun way to help them understand changes in their bodies and brains; communicate in a mature way with adults and others; develop skills for resisting negative peer pressure; and learn techniques for peaceful conflict resolution.

This action-packed program is designed for use with kids ages 11-16—the crucial tween and early teen years. Your kit comes with many of the components necessary to upgrade by adding the research-based parenting teens class when you're ready.

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Here’s what you’ll teach in each session:

Session I:
– 5 key qualities of character
– Understanding parents
– Your brain on adolescence
– The power of choice
– School success
– Challenges of teen life: drugs, sexuality and violence

Session II:
– The Spiral of Success
– Communication: the road to cooperation

Session III:
– Responsibility and freedom
– The voice of discipline
– Understanding and accepting consequences

Session IV:
– Courage and self-esteem
– The Think-Feel-Do Cycle
– Turn discouragement into encouragement
– Getting past power struggles

Session V:
– 10 risk-prevention strategies for teens
– Negative vs. positive influences
– Talking about sexuality

Session VI:
– Tobacco, alcohol, & other drugs
– Bullying and relationship violence
– Peer pressure
– Confronting high-risk behavior


Teens in Action
Standard Program Kit

Need proof?

Click here for research on the proven effectiveness of Families in Action, the program on which Teens in Action is based.

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 This program is available in 3 formats.
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Active Parenting of Teens: Families in Action Program Kit
All you need for a complete video-and-discussion program for parents and their teens/preteens.

Teens in Action Program Kit
All you need for a complete video-and-discussion program for teens/preteens only.

Teens in Action Video Library
A series of 6 DVDs for your library or resource center. Also available online.