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Reach more teens by effectively promoting your class

Your program kit comes with a master flyer to use for promoting your classes to teens. Here are some additional resources for marketing your Teens in Action class.
  1. LISTING: Add a free listing about your Teens in Action classes on our web site. Click for instructions.
  2. FLYER: Download, customize, print, and distribute this flyer. After downloading, click on the typewriter icon to enable editing.
  3. WEB PAGE: Create an event page on your web site. Use the text and graphics from this page: Teens in Action participant info page. Don't forget put a link on the home page, too.
  4. EMAIL: You could also use this page as an email or create your own. Include a video clip! Ask people to forward it.
  5. LOGO FOR WEB: Need a logo for your site or for email? Right-click on the one shown below, then save.
  6. LOGO FOR PRINT: Need a high-resolution logo for printed flyers? Click here for a high-res logo, then right-click to save.
  7. FACEBOOK: Put an announcement on your Facebook or other social media page(s). Ask people to share it.
  8. PRESS: Notify local news and neighborhood networks about your classes. Google to find local bloggers or local parenting magazines.
  9. TV or RADIO: Contact local TV and radio shows about your class. Offer to share some teen life skills tips in exchange for an announcement.
  10. ANNOUNCEMENTS: This step seems obvious, but it's surprising how often it's overlooked. Make announcements at all meetings, even staff meetings. Everyone should know about your class!

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This program is available in 3 formats.
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Active Parenting of Teens: Families in Action Program Kit
All you need for a complete video-and-discussion program for parents and their teens/preteens.

Teens in Action Program Kit
All you need for a complete video-and-discussion program for teens/preteens only.

Teens in Action Video Library
A series of 6 DVDs for your library or resource center. Also available online.