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Here's what you will learn
at the Training of Trainers

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A big step toward creating more leaders for your community
Leading parenting workshops is an important and rewarding job, but you can't reach every parent yourself. At the Training of Trainers, you will learn how to train others to be Active Parenting leaders, too.

You will explore Active Parenting principles in general and how to apply them to our suite of three parenting programs:

  • Active Parenting: First Five Years
  • Active Parenting 4th Edition, and
  • Active Parenting of Teens.
  • This portion of the training will be led by Dr. Michael Popkin, author of the programs and founder of Active Parenting Publishers, along with an experienced national trainer.

    At the TOT you will . . .
    • receive training and authorization to conduct your own Leader Training Workshops (LTWs)—and earn extra income
    • learn how to implement and publicize your LTWs
    • save your organization money by training its leaders internally
    • enhance your presentation skills by working in small groups
    • network with fellow educators who understand the challenges you face every day
    • expand your professional opportunities
    • learn how to teach group facilitation skills that are important in any leadership position (including dealing with difficult attendees)
    • get advice from veteran Trainers about what's worked and what hasn't worked for them
    • learn the absolutes required for a successful LTW, along with ways to adapt the course material for your particular audience
    • become re-energized in this uplifting and motivational atmosphere

    After successfully completing the Training of Trainers, you'll . . .
    • be able to conduct Active Parenting Leader Training Workshops
    • be able to charge fees for your workshops
    • be authorized to provide certification to new leaders
    • receive up to 21 clock hours from NBCC
    • receive a video of your mock LTW presentation for review

    To participate in the TOT, you must meet the following requirements:
    1. You must have attended the Active Parenting Leader Training Workshop. An Active Parenting 4th Edition LTW will be held in the same location one day prior to the TOT. For other dates and locations, check out our Leader Training Workshop web page. Completion of the Online Leader Training Workshop will also satisfy this requirement.
    2. You must be familiar with the program content prior to the TOT. It is best if you have led one or more parent groups, but we make exceptions if you agree to lead a parent group after you attend the TOT to complete your certification. Don't forget that you may preview any program free for 30 days.


    DAY 1
    8:30 AM Registration
    9:00 AM Introduction
    Getting acquainted
    10:30 AM Keynote: Dr. Michael Popkin
    noon Group Luncheon
    1:15 PM Review of First Five Years program
    1:45 PM Training agendas and their use
    Key concepts for LTWs and parent groups
    3:00 PM Handling challenging situations
    3:30 PM

    Preparation for presentation skills training

    DAY 2
    8:30 AM The Think-Feel-Do method
      Logical consequences
    9:30 AM Characteristics of an effective trainer
    10:45 AM Use of humor in presentations
    noon Lunch (on your own)
    1:00 Presentation skills training

    DAY 3
    9:00 AM Presentation Skills Training
    noon Lunch (on your own)
    1:00 PM Post-test and review
    2:15 PM Setting Goals
       Implementing Your Program
    Closing Ceremony

    Click here to register for the Active Parenting Training of Trainers

    Save $100 when you register 60 days before workshop!
    Register 60 days before the TOT and attend for only $549. . . that's $100 off the regular price of $649. Price includes 3 days of training, all workshop materials, certification, daily snacks and the group dinner. Bonus: your registration entitles you to take 15% off the cost of a program kit for this training.

    Attending an Active Parenting: First Five Years, Active Parenting 4th Edition , or Active Parenting of Teens Leader Training Workshop is required before attending the TOT. A workshop will be held one day prior to the TOT. For other dates, check out our Leader Training Workshop web page.