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Reach more parents by effectively promoting your class

Help parents find you by promoting your classes. Give yourself plenty of time because it takes a while for word to spread. Here are some additional resources for marketing your Active Parenting of Teens class.
  1. LISTING: Add a free listing about your Active Parenting of Teens classes on our web site. Click for instructions.
  2. FLYER: Download, customize, print, and distribute this flyer.
  3. WEB PAGE: Create an event page on your web site. Use the text and graphics from this page: Active Parenting of Teens page for parents. Don't forget put a link on the home page, too.
  4. EMAIL: You could also use this page as an email or create your own. Include a video clip! Ask people to forward it.
  5. LOGO FOR WEB: Need a logo for your site or for email? Right-click on the one shown here. ⇒
  6. LOGO FOR PRINT: Need a high-resolution logo for printed flyers? Click here for a high-res logo, then right-click to save.
  7. FACEBOOK: Put an announcement on your Facebook or other social media page(s). Ask people to share it.
  8. PRESS: Notify local news and neighborhood networks about your classes. Google to find local bloggers or local parenting magazines.
  9. TV or RADIO: Contact local TV and radio shows about your class. Offer to share some parenting tips for an upcoming holiday in exchange for an announcement
  10. BE A BIG MOUTH: This step seems obvious, but it's surprising how often it's overlooked. Make announcements at all meetings, even to employees of your own organization. Everyone should know about your class!



Promoting Your Active Parenting of Teens Class

This guide is a brief overview of some of the planning and promotional techniques that help ensure a successful Active Parenting Teens program. Ultimately, though, the success of your workshop depends on you. Your sustained enthusiasm and unique insights into how best to spread the word about Active Parenting Teens will guarantee that more parents in your community will learn skills that help build stronger families.

Before trying to sell the idea of parenting education to your community, it is important to remember what Active Parenting Teens can do for parents and children. This program gives parents an opportunity to focus on their family without any of the usual interruptions, such as TV and the phone. Each session allows participants to identify daily family problems and then learn techniques for solving and preventing them.

If you teach the full, 6-session version of this program, parents will learn skills for:

  1. Communicating effectively with their teens
  2. Preventing the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
  3. Disciplining while teaching responsibility
  4. Encouraging the development of self-esteem and character
  5. Redirecting misbehavior
  6. Encouraging nonviolent conflict resolution

Armed with these new skills, parents are better prepared to raise teens who are cooperative, responsible and able to resist peer pressure. These teens are then empowered to become adults who live happy, independent and productive lives.

Active Parenting of Teens Promotion Guide
Table of Contents


1. Introduction (above)
2. Preparing for Your Workshop
3. Planning Your Workshop
4. Promoting Your Workshop
5. Sample Letter to Parents
6. Promoting Your Program Through Public Relations
7. Sample Public Service Announcement



8. Sample Press Release
9. Promoting Your Program Through Public Speaking
10. Gaining Additional Publicity for Your Parenting Program
11. Promoting Your Workshop: The Final Details
12. Ordering Program Kits and Parts

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This program is available in 3 convenient formats.
Choose the ones that suit your needs! Click on the title for more information or to order.

Program Kit
All you need for a complete video-and-discussion program.

Video Library
A series of 6 DVDs for your library or resource center. Also available in Online Video Library format.

Lunch & Learn
Makes it easy to offer a series of very short parenting classes.