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Active Parenting of Teens Promotion: Additional Publicity

Online Promotion Guide: Active Parenting of Teens

Gaining Additional Publicity for Your Parenting Program

After you have done basic publicity to announce the date and location of your program you may want to try to place a feature story idea with a local newspaper or magazine.

Editors and reporters are always looking for a good story! What constitutes a good story? It is one that shows how members of the local community are responding to a common problem.

Start by calling the newspaper to find out who is covering families or education in your community. Call that editor/reporter and briefly tell him/her about your parenting class and how it is helping to meet the needs of families in YOUR COMMUNITY. Be sure to mention relevant community issues such as adolescent smoking, drug and alcohol use, teen driving/accident rates, the need for parental involvement in the schools…and how parenting education can HELP PARENTS RAISE CHILDREN WHO ARE COOPERATIVE, RESPONSIBLE, AND ABLE TO RESIST PEER PRESSURE.

Remember, as national media stories focus on serious societal challenges affecting families (for example, education, violence, drug use, reckless driving), reporters are looking for LOCAL stories about people and organizations that are actively HELPING families to avoid and overcome problems.

Invite the reporter to attend a class with the understanding that parents' names must be changed in the story to protect their privacy. Note that newspapers like to take and run their own pictures, so a photographer may accompany the reporter. If a parent does not want to appear in the photo for some reason, be sure to mention it to the reporter and photographer.

After the story runs, be sure to call or e-mail to let the reporter know about the response you have received and thank him/her for increasing community awareness about the importance of parenting education. Reporters are people, too, and like to know that their work is making a difference. This can also help you develop a relationship with the reporter/news organization and may lead to future coverage.