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Active Parenting of Teens Promotion: Additional Publicity

Online Promotion Guide: Active Parenting of Teens

The Final Details


  • Seldom will a press release or public service announcement be used in its entirety or exactly as you wrote it. Instead, your release will act as a teaser to get the media's attention.
  • Media professionals do not have the time for long phone conversations, so keep it brief. Write down a few notes about the major points you want to discuss before you pick up the phone. Be sure to thank him/her for taking time out of their busy schedule to speak with you.


Advertising is another way to promote your Active Parenting of Teens program. You may not need to advertise at all if you have been able to reach your target audience through public relations (newspaper stories, public service announcement, flyers, civic club announcements, school newsletters, etc.) .

Advertising may be a good investment, however, if you are trying to reach people who may not be familiar with or do not come in contact with your sponsoring organization. Print advertising is a great way to reach a large target audience. Evaluate which media outlets reach your potential audience and contact them for pricing information.

You are welcome to use the logo here for Internet ads promoting Active Parenting of Teens programs (but not for other programs). On most computers, you can download this image by right-clicking the mouse and choosing "Save As".

Please note that the file you download here will not be good enough for printing. Most images downloaded from teh web print fuzzy on a page. Please contact Active Parenting's marketing department for high-resolution logo if needed. A high-resolution logo can also be used on flyers, postcards, and other printed promotional materials.