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Active Parenting of Teens Promotion: Preparing for Your Workshop

Online Promotion Guide: Active Parenting of Teens

Preparing for Your Workshop


Before trying to sell the idea of parenting education to the community, you need to prepare yourself for potential questions and concerns. You need to know what's in it for the parents and their families and how to convince them to attend. You also need to do some brainstorming and list potential sponsors, referral sources, and organizations serving families.

What's in it for parents? Believe it or not, it might be necessary to convince parents to attend. Most families have busy schedules, making it difficult for parents to squeeze in one more activity. Try to schedule the course for a convenient time, offer snacks and have babysitters, if possible.

Parents may also think they should already know how to parent, even if they are having problems. Assure them that the group is there for support and encouragement, not fault-finding. Emphasize that one benefit of the course is less stress at home as they learn new ways to handle such daily problems as temper tantrums, chore wars and homework hassles. Also point out that the program is a good way to learn communication skills that will be doubly important in the teen years.

Brainstorming 101: Now that you are prepared to convince parents to attend your program, you need to come up with a list of local organizations that have access to your target audience. Once you have come up with a fairly comprehensive list, you will be able to begin promoting your program. Use the following list as a starting point:

  • PTA, School Counselors, Adult-Ed, and GED programs
  • Civic Organizations such as Junior League, Kiwanis, Lions Club, Elks, Boy and Girl Scouts
  • Hospital Community Education Departments
  • Local Religious Institutions
  • Drug and Violence Prevention Programs
  • YWCA, YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Local Businesses and Chamber of Commerce (for a lunch and learn program)
  • Public Libraries, Community Centers
  • Juvenile Probation Officers, Teen Court Administrators
  • United Way
  • Counseling Centers
  • Daycare Centers
  • County Extension Office
  • Sports Leagues