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Active Parenting of Teens Promotion: Promoting Your Workshop

Online Promotion Guide: Active Parenting of Teens

Promoting Your Workshop
with posters, flyers, e-mail and the Internet


The two large Active Parenting of Teens posters in your program kit are designed to be displayed where your target audience can see and respond to them—be sure to have registration forms nearby! Don't forget to insert the location, date, time, and a contact phone number. (Extra posters can be ordered online at activeparenting.com.)

Flyers to print
The smaller Active Parenting of Teens flyer describes the program and the benefits of participating. Download the color PDF file, fill in your class information, and print copies. Here are some good places to distribute them:

  • send a copy home with every child in your (or the sponsor's) organization
  • send flyers to your entire mailing list (or attach it to the monthly newsletter)
  • distribute the flyers at meetings
  • post on your web site
  • post on community bulletin boards in coffee shops, banks, grocery stores, baby stores, fast food restaurants and other community gathering places
  • send to PTA presidents, local church/synagogue leaders, civic group leaders and others who work with families, along with a request that they announce the upcoming parenting class to their group
  • mail to community newspapers, neighborhood newsletters, or events web sites

Page template to post on your web site
If you are using the Active Parenting of Teens program for your class, you have permission to use the content of this web page to post on your own web site. Be sure to add your class details and contact information.

Or create your own web page: right-click on the logo here for a colorful image (this logo is trademarked and cannot be used to promote any class other than Active Parenting of Teens). Point parents to this page for more information: http://activeparenting.com/Teens_parents

E-mail potential attendees (and your publicity list)
E-mail is an inexpensive way to contact people. Here are several methods. Be sure to test before sending! Use "blind copy" to protect people's privacy.

  1. Create a flyer and send it as an attachment. Be certain to include the main details in the body of your e-mail, since some people cannot open attachments.
  2. E-mail a web page. Try e-mailing this web page after adding your own class details: http://activeparenting.com/Teens_parents. (If you are using Explorer, the command is File->Send->Page By E-mail).
  3. You can also create a flyer in Word and send it as an e-mail using the command File->Send To->Mail Recipient.

Here are some people to send your e-mail to:

  • your (or the sponsor's) mailing list
  • all print publications in your community, including the ones distributed for free
  • local web events calendars, like citysearch.com, yelp.com, other
  • regional parenting magazines

Other places for publicity on the Internet
If you have time, try posting a listing in these places:

  • Craigslist or other classifieds
  • Facebook, if your organization has a page (create an event)
  • MySpace, if your organization has a page
  • Yelp, CitySearch, Parentzone...?? Every community has something - what's yours?

Other promotional ideas
Active Parenting has established a free forum for leaders to exchange ideas. Join the discussion or search the archives for more ideas. Just go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/APLeaders1/.