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Active Parenting of Teens Promotion: Public Relations

Online Promotion Guide: Active Parenting of Teens

Promoting Your Workshop Through Public Relations


Public relations is one of the most inexpensive and effective communications tools you can use to promote your workshop. By teaching the Active Parenting of Teens workshop, you are helping parents in your community to strengthen their families and raise children who are cooperative, responsible and able to resist peer pressure. And, the participating organization(s) is making a positive contribution to the community through its sponsorship. Now, go out and tell everyone about it!!!

Refer back to the primary audiences you listed in "Preparing for Your Workshop." For each target group, consider which specific media outlets best reaches this audience (i.e. newspapers, radio and television stations, newsletters, and web sites).

Consider putting a notice in local Internet activities calendars—the newspaper's online activities guide, TV station web sites, local parenting magazines or newspapers, Craigslist, Citysearch, etc. Parents get their information from many different sources, so it's a good idea to spread the word as far as possible.

Once you have identified the media outlets to reach your audience, then you can write your message. Generally, it's best to follow a who, what, when, where, and why format. Be sure to include the name of a contact person and the sponsoring organization. This information can be delivered in the form of a news release for print media and as a public service announcement (PSA) for radio and television stations.

If the sponsoring organization is a non-profit group, government agency, or a business offering Active Parenting of Teens for free, you can submit a PSA to radio and television stations asking them to announce and promote your workshop free of charge. A sample PSA is included in this promo guide.

News releases contain the same information as PSAs but are formatted differently. Press release guidelines and samples are also included here. It's very important to remember that professional-looking media releases stand a better chance of being used.