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Active Parenting of Teens Promotion: PSA

Online Promotion Guide: Active Parenting of Teens

Promoting Your Program through Public Speaking


Designate a committee member to contact local organizations (refer to the list in “Preparing for Your Workshop") and ask if you can make a brief presentation promoting your upcoming program. If time allows, arrange to show a video vignette or two so the audience will see how they can benefit from the workshop or can recommend it to others.

You may want to outline a 5-10 minute presentation as follows:

  • State who you are and the name of the sponsoring organization; then briefly mention the date, time and location of the upcoming Active Parenting Now program.
  • Summarize the specific topics covered in the program: effective nonviolent discipline, teaching responsibility, logical consequences, defusing power struggles, stimulating independence, smoking, drugs, sexuality and violence, and the power of encouragement.
  • Describe the benefits of the workshop…smoother, more harmonious family life and children who are responsible, cooperative and able to resist peer pressure.
  • Describe the format of the program (six sessions; classes contain video, discussion, activities; each begins with share & tell and ends with a Family Enrichment activity, etc.)
  • Conclude with a “to action”by inviting parents to register. Have flyers and registration forms available. Offer to stay after the meeting to answer questions.
  • Remember that your enthusiasm will be more important than anything you actually say. Have a sign-up sheet available (name, address, e-mail, phone number) for those who need to check on dates or cannot sign up right then. Make sure to contact them later in the week to follow up and answer questions. Encourage audience members who do not have children or whose children are grown to take a flyer and give it to a co-worker, neighbor or friend who might benefit from the workshop.

Write a thank-you note to the person who arranged for your presentation stressing their role in helping families in the community become stronger and happier.