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Crossroads of Parenting & porce - testimonials

What they are saying...

"I was really surprised at how many ways I had contributed to putting my children in the middle! Crossroads gave me some important insight into the impact of my own behaviors on my children. Parenting is really difficult especially when you are distracted by your own pain. Thankfully Crossroads has helped me to eliminate most of these behaviors and my children are the beneficiaries!"

"It's great that there is finally a proactive book for parents to learn how to avoid harming their children from their porce behaviors!"
-Siri Gotlieb, Court Administrator, Ann Arbor, Michigan

"Crossroads is clearly a wake-up call for porcing parents who may be unknowingly harming their children. This guide does not beat around the bush. In a direct yet sensitive manner, Crossroads provides parents with the skills and insight to prevent dirvoce abuse. It is about time we had a porcing seminar that focuses on prevention!"
-Nora Kalb Bushfield, Esquire
Collaborative Law Center, Atlanta, Georgia

"As a parent and a survivor of a high-conflict porce, I found the information in Crossroads to be very helpful. Despite my best intentions, I had been engaging in behavior that hurt those who I love the most; my children. Crossroads points out the traps that well-meaning parents can fall into and gives you practical advice on how to make changes that will leave you and your children happier. Your children are worth the effort of reading and heeding this book."

-Tim T., parent

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