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"LEADER" Online: Vol. 9, No. 1

Churches Open Doors to Community Parenting Classes

Active Parenting leaders in Minneapolis and Kansas City are leading growing programs through local churches. Making a special effort to reach out to the entire community is the secret to their success.

(From left) Active Parenting leader Bill Gunlock and JoAnne Kelty, treasurer of Active Parenting-North Minneapolis, stand beside a sign posted outside Community of Christ Church. The weatherproof sign invites all members of the community to attend Active Parenting classes. Program dates, times and age groups are easily altered by changing the small Velcro® sections at the bottom of the sign. (Photo by program supporter and host Patti Robino.)


The words "Welcome Community" are prominently displayed in the signs and promotion Bill Gunlock does for his Active Parenting classes offered as a public service at Community of Christ in Minneapolis. Gunlock, who has been teaching for 45 years (including five years in a correctional facility), promotes his "non-faith-based" classes with flyers sent home with students of the Minneapolis City Schools, through the courts and through nonprofit agencies. The classes are sponsored by the Dreyfus Health Foundation, Minneapolis Church and Community Initiatives, Minneapolis Council of Churches; and Community of Christ.

Further south in Kansas City, Active Parenting Leader Jean Humphrey has been teaching Active Parenting Today, Active Parenting of Teens and Cooperative Parenting and Divorce through several local churches for eight years. She promotes the classes through the churches, hospitals, day care centers, and United Way agencies. "We do not proselytize about religion," she explains. "When people are helped to make changes in their family life and supported by the class leader they go out and tell friends, relatives and co-workers about the classes." Humphrey also gets referrals from the courts and non-profit agencies, lamenting, "I can't run enough classes for all the calls I get."

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Reprinted from Leader magazine.
Copyright 2003 by Active Parenting Publishers, Inc.