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"LEADER" Online: Vol. 8, No. 1

Proactive New Jersey Leader
Lands 3 Community Ed Classes

by Diana King

“If you have a skill that would benefit the community, contact 555-374-4955.”

“I saw this small ad in the Camden County Community College adult education catalog and thought to myself ‘why not offer to teach parenting education classes?’” explains Joan Romeo, an Active Parenting leader in Somerdale, New Jersey.

“I sat down and wrote a cover letter describing my experience and a description of the programs I’ve been teaching—Active Parenting Now; 1,2,3,4 Parents!; Parents on Board; Families in Action for Teens; and Free the Horses.

“A few weeks later I followed up with a phone call to the program administrator and talked with her about the need for parenting education in our community and the potential audience for each program. She said she was reviewing other programs and would let me know. “A week later she called and asked if I would teach 1,2,3,4 Parents! and Active Parenting Now in the evening and a Free the Horses class on Saturday mornings.”

Since 1995 Joan has been teaching classes in conjunction with the local Catholic school system. Now, with a letter and a phone call, she has effectively re-launched her parenting education program in a wider, regional direction.

Way to go, Joan!


Reprinted from Leader magazine.
Copyright 2003 by Active Parenting Publishers, Inc.