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November 2011

Welcome to Leader Online, an e-newsletter for Active Parenting leaders and educators. Here you'll find ideas to make your job a little easier. Are you a "leader in action"? Please share your tips, photos, or success stories by sending a note to our marketing team.

Active Parenting leader in action: Geri Magee

Geri Magee

It's time for Q&A with...Washington leader Geri Magee, MA, LMFTA, CSA

Q. How have you used Active Parenting programs to further your work in your field?
A. I am an LMFTA (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate). The programs have helped me reach the parents who need to learn and correct behaviors so their children will follow. Every parent I have shown these programs to has gained so much insight on how to better their own skills and make them feel more competent and content as a parent.

Q. What have you liked about leading Active Parenting courses?
A. Active Parenting is such a great resource! I love the ease of the application, the parent book and the leader's guide. I love the videos as well.

Q. How does Active Parenting compare to other parenting programs you know about or have used?
A. I believe Active Parenting is the best on the market for parenting because it provides an easy plan that any family can follow. It's not complicated to present or to even lend to parents to do on their own.

Q. Any stories to share?
A. I have a number of stories. My favorite is a single mother of a 12-year-old boy who needed to modify his behavior. I used a blend of Active Parenting Now and Active Parenting of Teens. The mother was able to gain the knowledge to teach herself and her son about boundaries and respect for oneself and others.

My second story is a family where the 7-year-old daughter was not behaving and not cleaning her room; plus she was getting bad grades. I loaned the videos to the parents and they realized they were not on the same track of parenting because of their own upbringing. This was a useful way to show them where they needed to modify their behaviors and actions in the family.

Geri Magee, M.A., LMFTA, CSA, provides therapeutic services in Washington state through her agency, Accountability Counseling Services. A mother and former foster mother, she also does online counseling for individuals, couples, families, and other therapists through www.liveperson.com.

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Employee of the Month

Dr. Popkin and I are two members of a large team that works together for you. This month I'd like to shine some light on another one of our hidden treasures, Accounting Manager Erica McLean. Born in Trinidad, West Indies, Erica was raised in New York and then relocated to Georgia in 2000, when she began working at Active Parenting. Her hard work and dedication landed her the position of Accounting Manager three years ago, where she does a fantastic job keeping APP's finances in order. Thanks to her two handsome sons, Erica also has a pleasant dual parenting role as Air Force Mom and University of Georgia Mom. Thanks, Erica!