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April 2012

Welcome to Leader Online, an e-newsletter for Active Parenting leaders and educators. Here you'll find ideas to make your job a little easier. Are you a "leader in action"? Please share your tips, photos, or success stories by sending a note to our marketing team.

Active Parenting leader in action: Lisa deSimon


Certified Active Parenting Trainer Nancy SpenceBy Lisa DeSimon


Wicomico Partnership for Families & Children is the Local Management Board for Wicomico County, Maryland, located on Maryland’s beautiful Eastern Shore. Our mission is to promote a safe, healthy, and stable environment for all Wicomico County children and families. Maryland’s Governor’s Office for Children grant funds the Family Empowerment Initiative. This Initiative is the program that provides free Family Empowerment Workshops to Wicomico County families/parents/caregivers including high-risk, low-income families, caregivers of children with and without special needs, relatives raising children as parents, and parents with special needs. We aim to establish a peer-to-peer network of “Family Leaders” to provide parenting education and family support services and natural supports that are community-based and easily accessible. An additional goal is to seed train parent leaders in community based settings who can facilitate workshops within their agency or organization.

I am the only employee for the program. I coordinate all of the Family Empowerment Workshops with our volunteer team of 53 trained Active Parenting Family Leaders. We offer approximately 10-12 public workshops plus 8-10 workshops in homeless shelters, the county jail, and an adolescent home per year in 1,2,3,4 Parents!, Active Parenting Now, and Active Parenting of Teens. This past year, we added Families in Action for Teens in order to reach middle and high school students as well. We recruit our parent and teen participants by distributing our registration flyers to schools, daycares, after school programs, social services, drug court, family court as well as other agencies and organizations.

We begin each Family Empowerment Workshop with a Family Meal to encourage families to get to know each other. Then the children go with contracted youth care providers into our Family Connection Center room across the hall from the parents. Each parent is provided with a Parent’s Guide, community resource information, and two enthusiastic, trained Family Leaders to share the valuable Active Parenting skills.

On April 28 and April 29, 2012, we are expanding our corps of volunteer Family Leaders by hosting our own Leader Training Workshop with our very own Trainers that include Sherri Allen, Jane Reagan, and me. We already have 10 accepted applicants that will become trained and certified in Active Parenting so we can further our mission in Wicomico County.

Interested in learning more? Join Lisa and her colleagues at their Leader Training Workshop at the end of the month.
Contact her for more information at 410-546-5400 ext 13.

Marian's latest pick: new character ed videos

Active Parenting has an in-house resource consultant, Marian Adair, who reviews hundreds of books and videos each year. Her goal is to find items to supplement your Active Parenting programming. She reviews each book or video to be sure the content is in keeping with Active Parenting principles. Marian is also mindful of giving you the best value for your dollar.

Click to play Guidance Systems: Rumors, Gossip, and Teasing: It Hurts

This month, Marian would like to point out a new video series. Guidance Systems is a line of DVDs for elementary, middle and high school covering character education topics. Filmed in 2012, each video presents real-life vignettes which students can identify with to develop an understanding of the consequences, emotions and age-appropriate solutions relating to each topic. Each program includes a digital Teacher's Guide to facilitate classroom discussion.

(Do you have a favorite parenting resource to recommend? Send the information to Marian so she can consider it for addition to our catalog: marian@activeparenting.com or fax to 770-429-0334)

Meet Dr. Popkin in Suffolk, Virginia - May 10
Active Parenting's Dr. Michael Popkin is looking forward to meeting parents and leaders at his workshop on Thursday, May 10 (6-8 PM). Sponsored by the Suffolk Early Childhood Development Commission, Smart Beginnings, and Parenting with Purpose, this free event will be on the topic of his latest book, "Taming the Spirited Child." Contact the Suffolk ECDC for details.


We had a great time in Phoenix at the TOT!
Dr. Popkin, Melody Popkin, and trainer Nancy Spence had a wonderful time meeting Active Parenting leaders from all over the world at the Phoenix Training of Trainers last month. You can see some photos from the event on our Facebook page. If you're feeling jealous, no need to worry: the next Training of Trainers is scheduled for Atlanta in July. Make plans now to join us!

Extension program reports success with Active Parenting

The Parent Resource Center of the NDSU Extension Service in Minot, North Dakota, reported success from their Active Parenting of Teens classes in the past year. Stated one parent: "(I'm) realizing a lot of what I'm seeing with my teen is very much the norm." That's a sigh of relief heard from many parents after taking this class! Click on the image at right for a copy of the report.

Employee of the Month

Dr. Popkin and I are two members of a team that works together to serve you. This month I'd like to shine some light on another one of our hidden treasures, Work/Life Manager Cathy Daughtridge. Born in the San Fernando valley of California, Cathy is our very own "Valley Girl." Before she had kids, Cathy traveled all over the United States, and now that she has an empty nest she and her husband are getting the travel bug again. At Active Parenting, Cathy works with work/life programs in companies to help them provide the perfect tools to their employees. She is also our computer guru and is therefore always in demand. Thanks, Cathy!

Cathy with her husband.