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August 2011

Welcome to Leader Online, an e-newsletter for Active Parenting leaders and educators. Here you'll find ideas to make your job a little easier. Are you a "leader in action"? Please share your tips, photos, or success stories by sending a note to our marketing team.

Active Parenting leader in action: Tina Shockey

    by Tina Shockey, Family Life Educator

We at COBYS Family Services in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, have been utilizing the Active Parenting curriculums for more than a decade, and recently we have begun to use Active Parenting of Teens in an innovative way to meet the unique needs of our local community. We are currently working with our local Truancy Task Force, District Judges, Lancaster County Children and Youth Agency, and Lancaster County Drug and Alcohol Commission to provide school districts and District Judges an alternative way to handle truancy problems in their schools. In lieu of harsh fines or jail time, some judges are now requiring families to attend our truancy classes. One judge reports a 90% success rate from the families who successfully complete the program. With the School District of Lancaster only graduating 60% of its student body, solving the truancy issue is an important step towards helping this community.

As the children and their parents/guardians come together for these classes we are able to uses different tools to open lines of communication that have often fallen silent over the years. Educators find the use of video examples especially useful in helping families once again communicate in effective and meaningful ways. The participants are saying things like "I am talking with my teen, without yelling." " I finally feel like I am being listened too." " I understand how discouraging I must have sounded." "Mutual respect... we haven't had that in a long time, but now we are working on it." By teaming with the school social workers and their schools we have been able to identify families in need and bring this program to their area. We are currently running ten of these classes each year and hope to secure funding to be able to provide even more in the future. By teaching the concepts of mutual respect, problem handling strategies, active communication, encouragement, responsibility, and discipline we are giving these families the tools they need to be successful in school and beyond.

Tina Shockey is a Family Life Educator for COBYS Family Services.


New catalog is now in the mail

Our fall catalog features dozens of new videos and books for your parenting center or character education program. There's also a very special announcement on page 3 about our upcoming new program! If you haven't received a catalog, just download or request one.

Dr. Popkin on TV discussing parenting styles

Active Parenting founder Dr. Michael Popkin recently explained parenting styles on a local TV news station. Check out the video here or take the What's Your Parenting Style? quiz for yourself!



Training of Trainers in Atlanta

In July we welcomed an energetic group of trainers to our hometown of Atlanta. Over the course of three days they took an in-depth look at Active Parenting programs, practiced the activities, and gave a sample presentation to hone their skills. (Plus lots of conversation!) Jealous? Join us at the next TOT in March. It will be our first time in Phoenix.

Employee of the Month

Dr. Popkin and I are two members of a large team that works together for you. This month I'd like to shine some light on one of our hidden treasures, Warehouse Manager Jayson Thomas. Jayson has worked at Active Parenting for five years while completing his B.A. in philosophy. He is now studying to be a paralegal but until then, we are grateful to have him available to carefully pack and ship your order...and to answer our many questions about postage. Thanks, Jayson!