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Positive Parenting Programs and Workshops for Everyday Parents

Raising children in today's uncertain and dangerous world can be a daunting task. Children are susceptible to so many forces around them, and they can be lost in the chaos without a strong set of parents to guide them. Now is the time to start parent education: rely on Active Parenting Publishers to teach you with its state-of-the-art parenting courses and programs. Active Parenting's positive parenting program is a workshop of sorts, designed by an established psychologist, Dr. Michael H. Popkin, who uses sound Adlerian psychological principles in all of the programs. It's a value that can't be beat!

Improving your parenting can be as easy as enrolling in one of Active Parenting's online parent education programs, a six-session class that will teach you everything you need to know about being a superb parent for your children, including instilling confidence in your children, using nonviolent discipline techniques, and encouraging mutual respect. Each online parenting course offers a variety of tools to make you a better parent, including:

  • Filmed scenes of real-life family situations
  • Online discussions and activities with other class members
  • An optional "live chat" for more stimulating parenting conversations

If online parenting courses aren't for you, consider signing up for one of the parent education workshop programs in your community. These courses will offer in-person instruction in Active Parenting techniques, which always promote positive parenting and will help you raise happy and healthy children. And with classes customized for children of different age groups, rest assured that every minute of your parent education will be pertinent for raising your children. The positive parenting program created by Active Parenting Publishers will teach you how to give your children what they need to succeed in life, and it's never too early to start. You can easily find a group meeting in your area with our online search tools.

If there aren't any parent education programs near you, consider teaching a class of your own. Active Parenting Publishers offers a variety of affordable program kits that include everything you need to teach parenting courses for people in your community. Each parenting workshop kit comes with promotional materials, a step-by-step leader's guide, videos on positive parenting and a participant guide. And because each group comes in three different formats, you will easily be able to choose the one that's right for you. The kits ensure that you will provide the very best positive parenting program available.

So, what are you waiting for? Begin your parent education today by utilizing all of the amazing tools on Active Parenting Publishing's Parents Web page. You can take an engaging quiz to discover your parenting style, order recommended parenting books for children of all age groups, enroll in the six-week online course, or locate an Active Parenting program in your area. The sooner you use one of the Active Parenting programs, the sooner your child will be on the right path to being a happy, successful individual.