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Active Parenting Online Leader Training Workshops - Online facilitator training for parent education

Here's what people are saying about the
Online Leader Training Workshop experience

"The workshop made me feel more comfortable with facilitating the Active Parenting curriculum in my community."

Shanavier Clark, MSW
Family Therapist
Child Advocacy Center
Gulfport, Mississippi

"This leader training course provides great insights for novice and experienced parent workshop leaders."

Dr. Gerald W. Anthony
Head of Counseling and Learning Support
Beanstalk International Bilingual School
Beijing, China

"This workshop is very informative and provides many useful and practical strategies that can be incorporated in any program."

Laverne Dubose
Executive Director
Ontario, California

"I have searched and searched a wide range of parent programs, but Active Parenting is hands down the best evidenced-based parent program I have encountered."

Tanya Southerland, CPS I
Executive Director
G.R.A.A.B. Coalition
Cleveland, Tennessee

"The Active Parenting Online Training Workshop was invaluable to me as a family life educator. The information received propelled me to a new level with my presentation of Active Parenting. I can't wait until my next class begins to use my new skills!"

Loreasa Hoyt, BS, MA, CFLE
Family Life Educator
Healing Hearts Ministries, Inc.
Pearl River, Louisiana

"As a mental health counselor, the training provided me with helpful material to grow as a professional and ease my way into parenting classes and individual services to parents in need."

Dorelys Gordillo
Intern Mental Health Counselor
DTT Coaching Services, LLC
Miami, Florida

"I am so thankful for the work done by Dr. Popkin and the way therapists and educators across the country have access to it through his workshops. It allows us to be prepared to teach parenting with the highest quality materials, research and content, which is such a blessing in a subject area where there is a tremendous amount of need."

Jillian Rainwater, MA, LPC, NCC
Midland Young Life
Manitou Beach, Michigan

"Good materials to empower others."

Buta Muzuri
Advancement Resource Advocate
Catholic Charities of Idaho
Boise, Idaho

"The Active Parenting leader training is a valuable tool that is available to all kinds of helping professionals. This program allows me as a counselor to extend my services to help parents learn skills that will help them support their children in an active way."

Latisha Taylor Ellis, MS, LAPC, CAMS
Lotus Therapies
Lawrenceville, Georgia

"I found the Active Parenting course to be very practical even as a teacher to student help. The topics were very well suited as I could easily relate to what was presented!"

MaryAnn Louison
Prevention Educator
Catholic Charities
Amsterdam, New York

[Writing about Part 1 of the Online Leader Training Workshop:] "Active Parenting was a helpful resource for new and current Parenting Group Leaders. It was an engaging training."

Bethany Meyers, M. Ed.
Prevention Educator
Catholic Charities of Fulton & Montgomery County
Johnstown, New York