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¡1,2,3,4 Padres! Online Video Library

¡1,2,3,4 Padres! Online Video Library

No. 1200LC

Parenting Children Ages 1 to 4
by Michael H. Popkin, Ph.D.; Betsy Gard, Ph.D.; and Marilyn Montgomery, Ph.D.

Offer this set of 3 videos to the parents you serve online! Using the Online Video Library (OVL), you can easily provide high-quality parenting videos. Parents can watch these videos any time, anywhere...all they need is an Internet connection—and an access code from you.

See Program Description for more information about program content, including sample video. The video was filmed in Spanish with Spanish-speaking actors (Dr. Popkin's narration is dubbed).

Videos in the series:

  • "Qué necesita saber sobre su hijo de entre 1 a 4 años" (What You Need to Know about Your 1- to 4-Year-Old) (20 min.)
  • "Disciplina y más" (Discipline and Beyond) (14 min.)
  • "Fomentando un mejor comportamiento" (Building Better Behavior) (18 min.)
  • Note: A discount is available on the Online Video Library if you already own the ¡1,2,3,4 Padres! Program Kit, Lunch & Learn Kit, or Video Library on DVD.

    Note: Online Video Libraries are intended for home use only. Use of the Online Video Libraries requires a signed agreement. Ordering the OVL initiates the process but does not provide instant access. Click here for more details about how the Online Video Library works.


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