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31 Things to Raise a Child's Self-Esteem

31 Things to Raise a Child's Self-Esteem

No. 9185

by Dr. Judy Kuriansky and Edie Hand
No one said being an adolescent was easy. Children are plagued by a whole host of problems in school and at home—from overcoming rejection by the "in-crowd" to combating depression to conquering shyness. With the increasing incidence of cyber-bulling, peer-pressure and the overwhelming need for social acceptance, children must learn strategies to survive their adolescence (with their egos and self-esteem intact).

31 Things to Raise a Child's Self-esteem, by expert psychologist Judy Kuriansky and author Edie Hand, explores these challenges and serves as a helpful guide on how to instill values in your adolescents and create a healthy environment in which they can not only survive, but also thrive.

31 Things to Raise a Child's Self-esteem is an essential resource that teaches parents, counselors and educators how to cultivate a sense of self-worth, as well as other traits that are fundamental to a child's development.

With easy-to-understand tips, lessons, and exercises in each chapter, 31 Things will help you teach your budding adolescent how to:

  • Overcome rejection by the in-crowd
  • Gain a healthy perspective of his or her body
  • Make good decisions and take on responsibility
  • Overcome shyness and jealousy
  • (178 pp.)

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