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Bullying / Anger / Conflict Resolution

The ABC's of Bullying Prevention: Manual

The ABC's of Bullying Prevention: Manual

No. 8760

by Kenneth Shore, Psy.D.
Dr. Kenneth Shore, family and educational psychologist and nationally renowned author of books such as Keeping Kids Safe, Special Kid's Problem Solver and The Parents' Public School Handbook, presents an innovative plan to address bullying prevention across all constituencies who play a role in a school community.

Through the Bullying Prevention Program, each stakeholder group learns critical information on what he/she can do to specifically address, reduce and eliminate bullying in our schools. (98 pp.)

Table of Contents

Bullying: An Overview
What do we mean by bullying?
The many forms of bullying
What are the effects of bullying

Bullying: a hidden problem
10 myths about bullying
Recognizing the signs of bullying
The bully
The victim
The bystander

A Comprehensive Program to Prevent Bullying
Bullying Prevention Program: a Comprehensive Approach
Steps of the Bullying Prevention Program

The Roles of Administrator and People Services Staff
Dealing with the bully
Dealing with the victim

The Role of the Teacher
Signs that a student is being bullied
Ways to bully-proof yoru classroom
Dealing with bullying incidents

The Role of the Paraprofessional/Teacher's Aide
Warning signs of bullying
What you can do to prevent bullying
What to do when bullying happens

The Role of the Parents
Signs your child may be a victim of bullying
What to do if your child is being bullied
What your child might say to the bully
Helping your child avoid bullying
What to do if your child is a bully

Bullying: A Call to Action

Bullying Resources

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