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Active Parenting Leader limited-edition watercolor print

Active Parenting Leader limited-edition watercolor print

No. 9001

This limited-edition watercolor print, signed and numbered by artist R. Scott Coleman, is suitable for framing and makes a perfect gift for your favorite family educator. Featuring a poem by Active Parenting's Dr. Michael Popkin. 11"x17"

For an Active Parenting Leading Leader

I have seen the children flower
Burst into blossom and blaze
Their brilliant colors

I have seen the children suffer
Withering in gardens unattended,
Their colors faded
Roots trembling to cry.

I have seen the gardeners wonder
What to water, what to weed?
Hoping that their hands
Would grow flowers.

I have seen you guide their hands
With heart and mind
Among the precious petals
Sharing all your power.

You give so they may grow
Beyond the safety of nurseries
Alive and thriving, towards the faces
Of sons and daughters yet unborn.

Your work is perennial:
It generates from bloom to bloom.
And though not of your seed,
These flowers are for you.

-Michael Popkin

© Active Parenting Publishers

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