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Age-Appropriate Play: The First Four Years (set of 3)

Age-Appropriate Play: The First Four Years (set of 3)

No. 6834D

from InJoy
As an educator, you have the crucial role of helping parents and caregivers build healthy families. Age-Appropriate Play: The First Four Years is the perfect tool! This comprehensive three-volume set brings examples of age-appropriate play to life. By teaching parents the importance of these positive interactions, you can help lay the foundation for lifelong learning.

With Age-Appropriate Play: The First Four Years, parents will learn to:

  • Promote learning and other developmental skills through play
  • Provide safe, interesting and appropriate learning environments
  • Recognize developmental milestones
  • Series is comprised of three DVDs:

    Volume 1: The First 12 Months (24 min.)

  • Holding, gazing and talking for bonding and stimulation
  • Providing open and safe spaces for learning new gross motor skills
  • Assisting with the emergence of self-awareness using simple games
  • Playing with household objects to develop fine motor skills
  • Volume 2: 12 to 24 Months (17 min.)

  • Stimulating language skills through reading, singing and playing games
  • Encouraging beginning imitative and imaginative play
  • Offering intriguing outdoor environments for safe exploration
  • Inspiring motor skills with balls, water, sand and other everyday objects
  • Volume 3: 2- and 3-Year-Olds (15 min.)

  • Developing fine motor skills using art and other tactile play
  • Promoting positive social behaviors at home and preschool
  • Improving language skills with music, stories, books and more
  • Supporting increasingly complex imaginative and cooperative play
  • Each volume of Age-Appropriate Play includes a Facilitator's Guide with reproducible parent handouts. There are even specific activity recommendations for caregivers, so the teaching is easier, and so is the learning. Closed-captioned. (56 min. total)


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