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The Brain: Activity, Sleep & Boredom (DVD)

The Brain: Activity, Sleep & Boredom (DVD)

No. 6921

from Learning Zone Xpress
Physical activity and quality sleep are both vital for healthy bodies, as well as healthy brains. In this DVD, a stoplight is used as a symbol to represent activity, boredom, and sleep:

  • Green Light = Go! Physical activity turns your brain on the learn. Our bodies need movement to stay healthy, but so do our brains!
  • Red Light = Stop! Sleep is vital for your child. Discover how much they need and why.
  • Yellow Light = Slow down! Doing "nothing" and even being bored is actually very important to how we process the world around us. Studies suggest that boredom is key to creativity. Find out how to boredom helps the brain and why watching TV doesn't count.
  • Parents can use this information to make good brain-development decisions for their babies and children—and for themselves. For grades 7 to adult. Closed-captioned. (20 min.) Downloadable teaching materials included.


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