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Grief and loss

Bright Spots: Thoughts & Feelings Card Games

Bright Spots: Thoughts & Feelings Card Games

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English Deck #1 7111 $19.95  
English Deck #2 7139 $19.95  

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A Sentence Completion Card Game
by Lisa-Marie Arneson, MA, MFT, RPT-S

A cheerfully illustrated therapeutic tool for parents, teachers, and mental health professionals designed to engage children of all ages. The deck contains 35 cards especially effective in helping children identify, process and work through a variety of issues including changes within the family, trauma, grief, anger, depression, anxiety and fears. For ages 7-14, although it works well with all ages.

Thoughts & Feelings II, the sequel to Thoughts & Feelings, provides 35 additional cards with new sentence stems, new illustrations, and new ways to engage children of all ages. This deck compliments and adds to Thoughts and Feelings I, and is a great way to build your therapeutic tools.

Spanish cards are no longer available. 7112 7111 7139


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