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Christian Active Parenting Parent's Guide only

Christian Active Parenting Parent's Guide only

No. 1993x

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Winner of a Gold Illumination Book Award!
by Michael H. Popkin, Ph.D., Melody F. Popkin, and Sue Allen, M.A.
This book provides vital information for parents of children ages 5 to 12. Dr. Michael Popkin—founder and president of Active Parenting Publishers and one of the nation's foremost experts on parent education—joins forces with a Christian educator and a Christian mom to explain positive discipline and communication techniques that can make a real difference in your family. Christian Active Parenting combines the wisdom of the Bible with the time-tested Active Parenting approach to give you the strength and skills needed to raise children of joy, character, and a living faith. Millions of parents have used this "active approach—and now you can, too! (256 pp.)

This book shows you:

  • Nonviolent discipline guided by God's love
  • Building trust between you and your child
  • Smart ways to encourage school success
  • How to stop scolding and start smiling with your kids!
  • Click here for sample pages from the Parent's Guide.

    Chapter 1 - The Active Parent
    Chapter 2 - Cooperation & Communication
    Chapter 3 - Responsibility & Discipline
    Chapter 4 - Building Courage & Self-Esteem
    Chapter 5 - Understanding and Redirecting Misbehavior
    Chapter 6 - Active Parenting for Unity and School Success

    Note: We recommend providing the Parent's Guide/Workbook Combo to parents in a Christian Active Parenting class. They will use the Workbook in class and read the Guide at home. SAVE 29% with the combo.


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