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Cooperative Parenting and Divorce co-parenting curriculum

Cooperative Parenting and Divorce Parent's Guide

Cooperative Parenting and Divorce Parent's Guide

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by Susan Boyan, M.Ed., LMFT, and Ann Marie Termini, Ed.S., LPC
This book provides vital information to help separating parents make the transition to co-parents. Covers loyalty conflicts, peaceful negotiations, communication, and more.

Chapter 1 - Child-Focused or Out of Focus: Commitment to Caring
Chapter 2 - Plan for Peace or Tug of War: Allowing My Child to Love Both Parents
Chapter 3 - Letting Go or Holding On: Changing My Long-Term Role
Chapter 4 - Make It Better or Keep It Bitter: Choosing My Personal Path
Chapter 5 - Neither Fight nor Take Flight: Managing My Anger
Chapter 6 - Defuse or Light the Fuse: Taking Control of Conflict
Chapter 7 - All a Winner or Winner Take All: Negotiating Agreements
Chapter 8 - Cooperation or Conflict: Co-Parenting Is Forever

Contains the skills, activities, and at-home practice needed to turn your Cooperative Parenting and Divorce class into a dynamic learning experience. (201 pp.)

Winner of a Parent's Guide to Children's Media (Parenting Division) Award!

Here's what the judges had to say:
"Divorce itself is tough on children, but constant, often bitter conflict that persists after the divorce makes it even tougher. Divorced or divorcing parents will find the workbook and video vignettes openly address likely areas of conflict and offer possible solutions that keep parents centered on what they can both agree on: the happiness and well-being of their child. Open communication and genuine respect, even amidst understandable differences, ground the conflict-resolving strategies. In the tradition of other Active Parenting series, the leader's guide is chockful of practical ideas to engage parents in the subject."

"Family therapists Boyan and Termini have created an effective, sturdily constructed book-and-video set focused on managing, reducing and eliminating the conflict following a divorce. Parents are taught to keep conflict away from the kids. Thought the parent guide can be used alone and is more affordable than the set, this is a solid option for special collections supporting mental health professionals and self-help groups."
-Library Journal


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